About Diabetic Free India Movement

Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri NarendraModi Announces campaigning for Diabetes and declare Diabetic Free India on 21st June 2016 on World Yoga Day.

Being the Responsible Organization, Sai Arogya Holistic Health Care Started DIABETIC FREE INDIA MOVEMENT, has taken the opportunity to spread the dream of DIABETIC FREE INDIA all over the country to bring change in the society.

Nothing in this world can destroy your happiness more than trying to live with sickness, trying to live with an illness. Can imagine of a world free of illness, free of suffering even free of corruption & conspiracy!

Diseases are the result of nothing but the unnatural life style of the modern man. In-fact India is the one Country which is progressing much faster towards ever increasing human sickness than most of the other countries. And it is evident from the fact that India holds the record (Which I am ashamed of) of ‘Most Number of Heart Disease Patients’ (60% of world heart patients are Indians-WHO) and also has won the dubious title of ‘World’s Diabetes Capital’.

Being a responsible Organization SAI AROGYA HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE has taken the opportunity to create the awareness regarding Diabetic Reversal Programe by educating people regarding Science, Commerce & Conspiracy O Diabetes abd advice them How to reverse diabetes with the Help of & Aahar, Vihar Vichar


  • To make India free from diabetes.
  • To make India free from drugs (medicines).
  • To make India free from lifestyle diseases.
  • To create wellness in the society and harmonies in the body and mind
  • To provide holistic approach for the service of humanity and healthcare without any discrimination of cast, creed, belief, faith, race, colour and nationality.
  • To make India healthy with the holistic approach and natural therapy without medicines.

About Sai Arogya

At SAI AROGYA, various therapies are combined to bring the mind, body and soul to the cheerful state. Easy to follow regimes and different health packages are prescribed and monitored by expert physician & trained therapist.

SAI AROGYA combines Ayurvedic treatment & Panchakarma to restore the balance without side effects.

  • Holistic Healing

    At Sai Arogya, We cure our Patients Naturally without any modern day drugs or medicines which have harmful Side Effect on the Human Body.

  • Cure Diabetes in 72 Hrs

    At Sai Arogya, it takes about 72 hrs i.e. just 3 days to recover from diabetes, even if you are insulin dependent for last 3 decades. 100% Natural Diabetes Treatment.

  • Detoxification or Detox

    We offer Detoxification or Detox Services, where all the toxic substances from the body are removed and the impurities from the body are excreted and thrown out.

  • Weight Loss

    Are you Looking to Lose Weight ? Sai Arogya offers various Weight Loss Programs, Diet Plans, Weight Loss Management and Tips on How to Lose Weight. Now Lose Weight Faster then ever.

  • Reasonable Fees

    Sai Arogya offers all these services as per the needs the clients at an affordable price. We charge standard fees which are applicable in the Market. We do not charge more.

  • Stress Management

    Sai Arogya also offers Stress Relief Program, where the actual person's Stress will be Relieved by performing various therapies such as Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Exercises.

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