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Dr. Sandeep Singh

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Dr. Sandeep Singh

About Us

Diabetes Free India Movement in association with SAI AROGYA believes in the principles of nature and uses a holistic and individualistic approach for the wellbeing. An healthy individual is one whose doshas are in balance, appetite is good, all tissues of the body and all natural urges are functioning properly, and whose mind, body and spirit are cheerful. We have Expertise in Diabetes Treatment Without Medicine, Cure Diabetes in 72 Hrs, Weight Loss, Panchakarma, Detoxification or Detox, Stress Management, Ayurvedic Massage and Natural Bypass.

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International Excellence Award
International Excellence Award
7th April At 10amMumbai



Enviroment and Forest Restoration

  • Promote Tree Plantation and Adoptation
  • Forest Restoration by Creating Dam
  • Promote Organic Farming & Water Harvesting

Corporate Health Management Program BY DFIM

  • Therapeutic
  • Stress Management
  • Workshop

Community Health Development Programme

  • Health Camp and Community Development
  • Health Education and Health Awareness Programme
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness

Detoxification End of Illness Programme

  • Detoxification
  • Yoga
  • Meditation