3 Days Program (Diabetes Reversal Program)

Diabetes Reversal 3 day workshop is conducted every month. These workshops are organized in Hotels / Resorts / Halls / Corporate Companies/ Offices etc. anywhere in India. Dr. Sandeep Singh along with his team conducts various therapies which leads to reversing diabetes and helps you start leaving a normal healthy life.

Pre Treatment Program
  • Consultation Form / Online Consultation Form should be filled by you with all old reports and medication details.
  • Our Medical Panel will analyse the reports and will suggest whether you are fit/eligible for the program or not.
  • Our Medical Team will contact you and advice the further Process.
  • A pre-treatment Medical Kit will be provided to the Patients.

Program Details:
  • This Program will start in the morning 6 am with routine checkup by our Team of Doctor. (Like Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure)
  • We will perform Physical Activities like Yoga, Prananayam, Exercise and Meditation according to advice by the Medical Team.
  • Followed by Breakfast according to your inputs given in the Daily Diet and Medication form.
  • Scientific Knowledge Session (Part 1) will be conducted by the doctor.
  • As Advised by the Doctor, Small Tiffin will be given to the patient.
  • Then we will take a break for lunch, where every patient will be given a food according to his/her medical report.
  • Medical Team will check the Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure of the Patient.
  • Games & Recreation Activities will be performed outdoor with Sun Gazing Treatment.
  • We will have a small Tea Break, where a herbal tea will be served to the patients.
  • All your queries will be answered in this Knowledge Session.
  • Exhoutic Juices will be served to the patients.
  • Detoxification Treatment (As per Appointment) will be carried out simultaneously apart from Group Activities.
  • In the evening, we will serve Dinner to the Patients according to the Medical Reports.
  • A small session of Entertainment will be there.
  • Cooking Classes (How to make Healthy Food) will be conducted on last day.

Post Treatment Program
  • Easy to follow Diet Plan will be given by our Medical Experts.
  • Small Session on Do & Don't for Reversing Diabetes will be given by Doctor.
  • Twice a week our Medical Team will Keep a watch on your Parameters according to your Medical Reports.

Program Kit Details
You will get free kit in this package, it will include the below items.
  • T-Shirts
  • Bags
  • Recipe
  • Parameter Charts
  • Glucometer
  • Free Membership of Diabetic Free India Moment

Duration :- 72 hours.
Package Details:- For Members :- Rs. 30000 + TAX

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